Vicenza Convention Centre hosts Leather Technologists Euromeeting 2022

The third edition of the European Congress IULTCS – International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists Societies to be held from 18-20 September 2022, will most definitely be a major event for ViCC – Vicenza Convention Centre, part of the Italian Exhibition Group mother group, as well as for the entire tanning industry and the northeast of the country. The decision was shared by the IULTCS and AICC – the Italian Leather Chemists Association – and over three days, the event will shine a spotlight on the industry’s core issues, such as respect for environmental sustainability within the production process and the relaunch of tanning after the pandemic.

Vicenza Convention Centre
Foto: Italian Exhibition Group

The choice of Vicenza as the venue for the IULTCS Euromeeting was not a random one: the 130 sq. km of the Chiampo valley is home to one of the largest tanning districts in the world, the most important in Italy in terms of production and number of employees, whose production accounts for over half of the national total, with exports reaching over 2.6 billion euros per year.

The Congress is an important opportunity for the Vicenza area, which will enjoy international visibility: 400 representatives of the tanning industry from all over the world will be present during the event and the most up-to-date technical and scientific procedures will be presented to discuss the future of the industry. In addition to being a great opportunity to promote the city’s trade fair and congress reach, the event will also be a wonderful example of collaboration between the various players in the area. Over the three days, social events will be organized in institutional and prestigious locations of the city thanks to the partnership between IEG and the Vicenza city administration following the memorandum of understanding signed in 2019 concerning the development of congress activity in Vicenza. Also involved are the companies of the tanning district, a local excellence, which will host technical visits to the factories.

AICC – the Italian Association of Leather Chemists is the national reference point for all operators in the world of leather: leather chemists and technicians, graduates, or employees in the tanning and dyeing industries, and all the companies that revolve around tanning activities. The aim of the Association is to promote scientific culture in the world of leather, assuming a prime position in the dissemination of the most recent innovations in the technical-scientific field. Furthermore, networking among the employees of the tanning world creates stable cultural relations between members of the various national and international associations.

As the reference association of the host country in the context of the third IULTCS EuroCongress, AICC has the task of organizing this important event which, despite its apparent regional nature, will take on a global dimension. A well-deserved reward for the work AICC has carried out in recent years, both on the purely technical front and in terms of informing and promoting the entire leather supply chain.

For the organization of the IULTCS European Congress, AICC, the Italian Leather Chemists Association, has chosen Meneghini & Associati Srl, a leading communication company in the management of international events.

IULTCS – International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists Societies is an international organization of professional societies which aims to promote cooperation between its 3,000 members, encourage the advancement of leather science and technology, and establish international methods of sampling and testing of leathers and materials associated with leather processing.

The ViCC, a true flagship for the Italian Exhibition Group and the city of Vicenza, with its 15 meeting rooms, a pavilion accommodating up to 9,000 people and an auditorium with over 700 seats, has once again proved itself to be more than capable of attracting high-level national and international events. Being chosen for the IULTCS event brings double satisfaction for IEG, as it confirms the leadership of the exhibition company in the technological sector, already inaugurated in Vicenza with DPE – Distributed Power Europe, Fimast in nearby Brescia, as well as with exhibitions such as Rimini Ecomondo and Key Energy, Tecnargilla, and Expodental Meeting.