Vancouver Convention Centre celebrates 10th anniversary

Ten years ago today, the Vancouver Convention Centre opened the doors to its West building, marking the beginning of an unprecedented opportunity for British Columbia to shine on the world stage through the offering of an inspirational space in a breathtaking location. 5,561 events later, the West building of the Convention Centre is an icon for the city of Vancouver and an award-winning international industry leader. The events that take place here contribute to the advancement of global collaboration and transfer of knowledge on issues that matter to this generation, not only in BC, but around the world.

Abb.: Vancouver Convention Centre

With the addition of the West building that tripled the facility’s capacity, the Convention Centre has welcomed over 9 million guests from around the world and generated over $2.4 billion in direct spending for British Columbia over the past decade. The 5,561 events range from major city-wide conventions, including the renowned TED Conference and SIGGRAPH computer graphics conference to consumer and trade shows, private meetings, banquets and fundraisers, community events, special events, public celebrations, and film and TV shoots.

Apart from the economic impact generated by the expenditures of event attendees and exhibitors, the impact of these conventions and events are more far-reaching. Whether it is advancing academic and scientific research; driving awareness or solutions to a global issue; or introducing investment and new ideas to a host city, the meetings hosted create legacies in local communities, industries and globally. One example is the 2015 International AIDS Society Conference held in Vancouver, which called for a plan to eradicate the disease by 2030.

The Convention Centre is proud to have attracted a diverse range of events in the past decade. Here is breakdown of the facility’s top 10 accomplishments:

1. Economic Driver: over $2.4 billion in direct spending injected into the local economy

2. Globally-Acclaimed Meetings Venue: 5,561 events attended by people from across British Columbia and around the globe

3. Community Builder: home to community and charitable events that have raised $75 million for local causes; and partner with numerous charities

4. Global Sustainability Leader: world’s first double LEED Platinum certified convention centre

5. World’s Best: 46 awards, including back-to-back honours of ‘Best Convention Centre Service’ by the Watkins Research Group

6. Great Place to Work: officially Great Place to Work-Certified™

7. Service Excellence: first convention centre in North America granted exclusive Corporate Affiliate membership to Les Clefs d’Or Canada

8. Culinary Excellence: award-winning scratch kitchen

9. Industry Accelerator: platform for knowledge sharing in countless sectors, including life sciences, information technologies, food and wine, clean energy, education, natural resources, finance, entertainment and engineering to name a few

10. Bright Future: conventions booked through to 2027; including the 2025 International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous expected to draw 48,000 delegates from around the world