TCEB launches ‘Meetings and Incentives Market Champion’ initiative

The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) is partnering with Thailand Incentive and Convention Association (TICA) and Association of Thai Travel Agents (ATTA) in launching the first three-party initiative “M&I Redefine – M&I Market Champion”, aiming to gain more market insights that will help win more businesses for Thailand.

Mrs. Nichapa Yoswee, TCEB’s Senior Vice President – Business, said: „The M&I Redefine – M&I Market Champion initiative reinforces TCEB’s new role as a partner under the new branding “Thailand Redefine Your Business Events”. It marks the first time we have targeted meetings and incentives strategy in partnership with TICA and ATTA in finding solutions to better and deeper understanding of the markets.

TCEB’s Senior Vice President – Business Mrs. Nichapa Yoswee (center), TICA’s President Mr. Sumate Sudasna (left) and ATTA’s President Mr. Vichit Prakobgosol (right) at the press conference to announce the M&I Redefine – M&I Market Champion initiative

„This dynamic new synergy is key for TCEB to designing marketing directions, strategies and campaigns for Thailand to attract more M&I groups from key source markets from all corners of the world,“ she added.Towards this end, each party will designate their representative or personnel to be champion of a specific market or champion of individual market segments. For TICA and ATTA market champions, their roles will include advisory position to the TCEB’s M&I Department, including to overseas representatives of the TCEB’s M&I Team. Together, they provide a sounding board on strategic direction, marketing plan, ideas, and initiatives from M&I team whilst sharing market movements, key trends, and hot issues. Their expanded role will also be to provide suggestions and recommendations in response to the M&I marketplace’s rapidly changing dynamism.

The overall team breakdown includes a total of 17 market champions as follows:

Five TCEB market champions: one for Europe, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong; one for Latin America, South Africa, North America, Oceania, Russia & CIS, plus Japan & Korea; one for India and CLMV (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam), one for ASEAN and one for area-based segment, luxury segment and sustainability practice of M&I groups.

Nine TICA market champions: one for Europe; one for India, Latin America and South Africa; one for North America (USA and Canada); one for Oceania; one for ASEAN; one for Japan and Korea; one for area-based; one for luxury; and one for sustainability.

Three ATTA market champions: one for China; one for Russia and CIS; and one for Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Fast Facts

During the financial year 2019, TCEB M&I Department provided supports to 286 M&I groups, totalling 199,458 participants that generated 15,185.50 million baht in revenue for the Thai economy.

Of the total number of groups, ASEAN accounted for 112 groups (25,448 participants); South Asia 51 groups (32,381 participants); North Asia 46 groups (111,556 participants); Oceania 23 groups (4,636 participants); Europe and Middle East six groups (12,944 participants); Americas four groups (1,951 participants). Additionally, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam (CLMV) totalled 44 groups (10,542 participants).

Of all 286 groups, 13 were mega-sized groups (defined as more than 3,000 participants per group), totalling 110,080 participants that generated 8,380.82 million baht in revenue. They included 11 groups from China (87,080 participants), one from India (11,000 participants), and one from Dubai (12,000 participants).

Thailand welcomed a total of 967,828 overseas MICE travellers during Q1 and Q 3 of TCEB’s financial year 2019. Of this, 249,371 were meeting travellers, representing 25.77%, while incentive travellers totalled 274,093, accounting for 28.32%. Five top source markets for meeting segment were China, Japan, Malaysia, India and Indonesia, while incentive travellers were from China, India, Indonesia, Japan and Taiwan, respectively.