Oman Wins International Radiology Congress in 2020

Oman, represented by ORMIS (the Oman Radiology and Molecular Imaging Society), and in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Oman Medical Association, the Oman Convention Bureau and the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre has won a bid to host the 30th edition of the International Radiology Congress in October 2020.  The International Society of Radiology, the only official partner of the World Health Organization (WHO) for Radiology, selected Oman following a winning presentation in Chicago, USA.
Dr Saqar Al Tai, Secretary General of ORMIS said, “This win reflects the world’s confidence in Oman as an attractive place for hosting international conferences and reflects Oman’s excellent reputation in the global medical community. Radiology is a critical cornerstone of any hospital and medical imaging is indispensable in diagnosing illness. We are excited to host this event in Muscat and look forward to welcoming our international colleagues and experts in 2020”

Khalid Al Zadjali, Director of the Oman Convention Bureau added, “It is expected that more than 1000 experts will attend the congress from all over the globe with many internationally renowned speakers covering the latest advances in radiology. We will ensure that they have the most successful conference ever and we will shower them with our warm Omani hospitality.”

Said al Shanfari CEO of the Oman Convention & Exhibition (OCEC) said, “We are delighted to welcome the International Radiology Conference to OCEC – we know that international conferences bring enormous economic and strategic benefit to Oman. The world-class OCEC has been built to attract and accommodate such events as these. I am pleased to say this will be the 23rd international conference that we have won in a short time and contributing over OMR 24.5 million (63.5 million USD) to the economy!”
ORMIS was formed in 2009 and one of its aims is to bring all radiologists working in Oman together under one umbrella to facilitate dialogue and exchange ideas. It also allows for sharing standardised protocols and procedures for diagnostic and therapeutic radiology procedures.

Key highlights of the conference will include diagnostic, interventional radiology, radiation protection and the important subject of Artificial Intelligence applications in radiology.  There will also be a separate programme within the congress for Radiographers and Radiology Technologists and an exhibition demonstrating the latest technology and equipment in the field of radiology.