New appointments to the Grimaldi Forum Monaco Management Committee

The Grimaldi Forum Monaco is experiencing a change in the direction of its CSR perimeter. ISO 14001 certified since 2008, it is now on the path to ISO 20121 certification for events, directly linked to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Given that the criteria of a strong CSR policy is a real asset in the choice of destinations for all clients, Françoise Rossi, former Sales and Business Development Director of the Grimaldi Forum, who has been involved in this CSR project since its inception, will occupy this newly created position. Maureen Aubert, Environment and Certifications Manager and Legal Officer, is also responsible for monitoring and coordinating certifications.

Today, Françoise Rossi is in charge of developing and implementing the Grimaldi Forum’s CSR policy, which was recently published in a social responsibility charter listing all of its environmental, social and solidarity-based progress and projects. For Sylvie Biancheri, General Manager of the Grimaldi Forum, „her perfect knowledge of the entities involved, as well as that of the stakeholders and clients in the events sector, is an added value that will help optimise the implementation of the first tools of this policy.

Former Head of Business Development and Global Strategy, who has been with the Grimaldi Forum for 12 years, Julie Caprini is taking over from Françoise Rossi as Head of Sales and Business Development, poised to take on the challenge of marketing the Grimaldi Forum’s extension, which is in the midst of an accelerated phase.

Françoise Rossi and Julie Caprini are members of the Grimaldi Forum Management Committee, which includes Building Management, Sales and Business Development Management, Communication Management, Cultural Events Management, Financial and Legal Management, Events Management, Human Resources Management, CSR Management and Safety, Fire and Risk Prevention Management, all under the leadership of Sylvie Biancheri, General Manager.