ICCA Members Ungerboeck and EventBooking announce a merger

Industry software powerhouses Ungerboeck and EventBooking today announced they are coming together to form one company. With the backing of Private Equity firm Cove Hill Partners, these former competitors bring their combination of over 50 years of experience together to power the event world in ways never before possible. Manish Chandak of Ungerboeck will serve as President and CEO, and Steve Mackenzie of EventBooking will serve as Executive Vice President.

Foto: ICCA

“This is an opportunity to build upon the strengths and expertise of both companies. By joining forces, we’ll be able to collaborate and provide even greater value for venue professionals worldwide. We’ve both been long time members and contributors to ICCA and we feel this merger will allow us to offer ICCA members unparalleled innovation from a technology standpoint.“

“We want to create new possibilities, and we’ll be better positioned to focus on client needs, both known and potential,” Chandak said. “Our differences make this endeavor extremely valuable, but both organizations share a vision for putting their clients first. That vision and commitment won’t change. We’ll learn from each other and continue learning from those we serve, finding better ways to transform their businesses and simplify their day-to-day lives.”

Senthil Gopinath, CEO of ICCA said „It is exciting to see how two significant ICCA member companies have adapted to the new environment and consolidated their talent and expertise to better serve the ICCA community. We would like to congratulate Manish and Steve and their teams on joining forces and trust this will be to the advantage of all member venues around the Globe.“